What is Art & Soul? It is the spiritual side of the creative process. It is about creating sacred space for women to ground from their busy lives, to connect to their creativity, connect to their spirits and connect to each other and in the process be lifted up.

Debra Hille, a painter and sculptor based in Berea, KY, runs Art & Soul™ expressive art workshops. These workshops provide opportunities for self-reflection and insight as participants create art that expresses their individuality, values and life experiences. Learn more here

“For more than two decades my work as an artist has been an education in and of itself. I taught art in Kentucky’s schools and provided professional development to teachers. I have offered expressive art workshops through non-profits, foundations, and corporations and to patients and staff in healthcare settings. I have seen how having access to the arts can empower, give voice, provide comfort, and provoke a deeper understanding of art, life and oneself. The health benefits of being exposed to or participating in the arts continues to be proven by clinical studies, and those results are not surprising to artists. Through engaging in the creative process, greater well-being can be achieved. Facilitating this process for others feeds my soul. Diving into the creative process solo or doing so with others can feed yours too.” - Debra Hille


If you or a group you serve would benefit from making these connections please contact Debra. She can customize a workshop to address the needs or focus of your particular group.

“Art is not a thing but a way.”  Elbert Hubbard

Art and Soul: Expressive Art Workshops are not and should not be considered therapy or art therapy. No psychotherapeutic principles assessment, treatment, or remediation is provided. 


Artists and arts consultants are free to work with groups or individuals; to guide them in the creation of art; to reflect with them on the art that is created; to encourage in others the expression of inspiration, insight, emotion and interpretation of art.  This may even be therapeutic.  But it is not art therapy if it does not include “assessment, treatment, and remediation.”   ~The American Art Therapy Association

Women tell me they are hungry for creative opportunities and time to explore new pathways to renewing their spirits. Art and Soul is for them.”

To find out what workshops are currently being offered, click below.

Debra Hille

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The expressive arts component gives NOSW participants the chance to really reflect on what creativity means. Each woman learns that she has the capacity for artistic expression even if she doesn't see herself as creative. The classes provide a safe and healing environment that allow for deep reflection, and in many cases, breakthroughs.


Debra Hille has an innate understanding of the women we serve, and that's one of the many reasons she has worked with us for over 20 years. She creates a calming and inspiring atmosphere so that each woman feels as though she is the only one in the room.  Debra is a gifted and talented artist no matter the artistic mode she uses and she has a unique ability to understand and guide each woman through the expressive arts journey.


- NOSW Executive Director -

I am so looking forward to seeing you- I don't want to take time from the women, so I just will tell you here how often I think of you and with what appreciation. My series called "Homage to Music and Art: Matisse, Klimt and Kandinsky" won a prize in a show, have sold some pieces and having my first solo show in July. But if none of that ever happened, it is such a gift! Thank you for unlocking it. Look forward to seeing you.

The women love this activity, and some past ladies have told me that they have even taken a painting class because of you!!! 

Your session is such a favorite and has been a true blessing for all that have participated. I hope that your schedule allows for you to participate once again.