69 Days

Facebook tells me it has been 69 days since my last post on Art & Soul. Time for me to show some love for Art & Soul and give you all a shout out. Yesterday I worked my last day as Artist In Residence at Saint Joseph East Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. The last four years this opportunity has been a gift to me. From rotating exhibits, the transformation of the chapel, rearranging the main lobby to look out onto fountains and garden, talking with patients and filling the hallways and patients rooms with art from talented Kentucky artists, a gift. You will find paintings, photography, pastels, and other original works of art that bring beauty into a house of suffering. These images provide comfort and positive distraction for the patients, families, and staff. Technology and pharmacology are essential, yet we also need to nurture our spirits to heal. Art is one way to do this. "Art is not a thing: it is a way." ~Elbert Hubbard. Art & Soul is also about nurturing the spirit, creative recovery and self-empowerment through creative connections and connection. Art & Soul is a means for me to share what I have learned about the power of art to bring us home to ourselves. If you feel tumbled around by life in these turbulent times, have had your creative expression shut down at an early age or need to reboot your spirit Art & Soul is for you! I'm preparing to invite you home. Workshop dates coming soon.

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