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Art & Soul’s mission is to empower women through creative expression and connection. Art has been a very important tool in my life. Growing up in a dysfunctional family in chaos, drawing, painting and making things grounded me and helped me cope from an early age. It was a crucial part in my journey to healing as an adult. I have come to understand the creative process is a powerful tool for nurturing wellbeing. It is my desire to invite women to join me in a safe, relaxing and inspiring space to connect to their creativity, themselves and each other.


Participants are guided to listen to the voice of their inner wisdom while creating a meaningful piece of authentic art. Workshops may include journaling, music, painting, collage or mixed media assemblage. Time for sharing, witnessing and celebrating is a vital part of the experience.

Debra is a certified Art4healing® facilitator through Art and Creativity for Healing and Brandman University. www.Art4Healing.org


Note: No therapy is provided or implied in the use of the Art4Healing® methodology

or in any Art & Soul offerings. 


Intuitive Collage Workshops

Spring and Summer 2019 Dates: Schedule Being Updated



This three-hour workshop will focus on the intuitive experience of art-making. You will be prompted to suspend all preconceived ideas and embark on a fun, spontaneous and creative journey primarily directed by personal intuition, style, and emotion.


Along the way, you will be guided in the development and composition of your work by learning to identify emerging patterns, defining your own unique symbols and color schemes.  All experience levels are welcome.


Participants Describe this Workshop as:










Participant Comments:

“It was wonderful - the best self-care activity I’ve been a part of in many years. It was surprising how much truth came out in the collage.”


“I loved listening to peoples stories and the quietness and joy.”

“An opportunity to simply be, move with one’s own soul.”


“I loved the meditative element and the opportunity to hear from other women.”


“I found the workshop to be inspiring and uplifting.”

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Class size is limited - Please RSVP859-302-4741  Cost is $75 (unless otherwise noted) and includes all materials and light refreshments.


Intuitive Abstract Painting Workshops

Spring and Summer 2019 Dates: Schedule Being Updated



Explore your creative soul through acrylic painting. In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to express yourself using the language of color and abstract painting with the Art4Healing® method.


Participants will intuitively and spontaneously choose colors in response to prompts and apply them to the canvas. You will leave with 3 colorful abstract paintings. This is a fun and self-reflective experience. Each piece is as authentic as you are! No previous experience needed.

Participants Describe this Workshop as:







Participant Comments:

“I strongly believe workshops like this enable people to strengthen their creative minds and that enriches us all!”


“I feel closer to my creative vibe and a more relaxed way.”

“This was a lovely opportunity to explore new pathways to renew my spirit and connect to other women in positive ways.”


“Debra is a loving, encouraging teacher!”

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Class size is limited - Please RSVP859-302-4741  Cost is $75 (unless otherwise noted) and includes all materials and light refreshments.


Spirit Dolls Workshops

 Spring and Summer 2019 Dates: May 26th at Centered in Lexington, KY

Please Register at Centered http://bit.ly/2eKV1o3



At each Spirit Doll workshop, an intention will be set to guide you in “inspiriting your doll.”  This will be sent to you on registration. You may be requested to bring an item aligned with the intention to place inside the heart center and birthing center of your doll, for example a charm, a bead, or a small piece of paper with a prayer or poem written on it. All other materials are supplied.
With the intention of love and gentleness, I make each doll body and face and with that same intention invite you into my Art & Soul Creative Connection Circles.

Participants Describe this Workshop As:









“This workshop was relaxing, beautiful, and intimate.”

“The whole experience was very positive, creative, and relaxing. Sharing with the group was especially fun.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but I really loved it! It felt like dancing.”

“I love my doll so much and she makes me love myself more! Today was absolutely wonderful.”

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Class size is limited - Please RSVP859-302-4741  Cost is $125 (unless otherwise noted) and includes all materials and light refreshments.

The word Doll comes from the Greek name Dorothy, meaning gift of the gods.

Dolls and sculpted figures have been used for spiritual rituals, rites of passage, healing and celebration in many cultures around the world, for thousands of years. In American culture, dolls are often used as a part of the socialization of young girls (and boys), as a collector's delight, as artistic endeavors for designers and sculptors, and as tools for psychotherapy.

Native American dolls have taught young girls about their cultural history. Kachina dolls of the Hopi people, for example, are spiritual dolls used to impart to the owner the power symbolized by the particular type of doll.

Dolls originating in Africa and the Caribbean Islands historically embodied the concept of healing negative energy while gaining spiritual enlightenment. The ancient peoples of India, Egypt, Greece, and Mexico all used elaborately sculptured and adorned figures as a way of depicting history and maintaining a concrete visual connection to their religious and spiritual beliefs.


Excerpt from Dolls in the Healing Tradition TM© 1999, Nina Reimer. All rights reserved.

Little could I have anticipated how her gentle approach, simple but profound introductions to the work she was offering and encouragement of our individual efforts would touch something deep within me that had been lying fallow. I felt the engagement of the group as well as my own.


~ Kay Collier McLaughlin, PhD